Lloydminster and Area Brain Injury Society

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Lloydminster, SK  

S9V 0G4

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What We Provide

  •  Information and education for persons with an acquired brain injury.
  •  Support services for survivors, family members and care givers.
  •  Information regarding Brain Injury for the family, brain injured, caregivers and the general public.
  •  A Resource Center
  •  We will make any referrals we can to help.
  •  Prevention and awareness through education.
  •  Life Enrichment Program

Definition and Facts

An acquired brain injury is damage to the brain which occurs after birth and is not related to a congenital disorder, developmental disability, or a process which progressively damages the brain.

 There are three different types of a brain injury:

 Traumatic - Sudden blow to the head
Chronic - Prolonged use of drugs and alcohol
Pathological - Physical illness that leads to brain injury

Brain Injury can happen as a result of an illness, stroke, or accident. Serious brain injury usually results in loss of consciousness or coma for varying periods of time.

Depending on the severity of the injury, recovery can range from complete dependence to total independence. Intellectual and/or memory impairment, speech problems, behavioral disorders, and physical disabilities may be a result of brain injury.